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The Shashamane Nyahbinghi have in 2006 formed an administrative council, under high priests Congo Rock I and Bongo Negus. Congo Rock I and Mama Baby I have been holding the fort in Shashamane for a number of years, and the recent repatriation of Bongo Negus and Mother Earth has strengthened the community on the land, give thanks mightily to Rastafari! Please read current news and updates on the Rastafari Online News page.

Rastafari Online has initiated a subscription called Dawtas Quarters, Shashamane for the Nyahbinghi in Shashamane. The dawtas quarters is currently already in service, and a bid of 5000 USD has been accepted by the co-chairs to complete the quarters. (read more) Idrens, please check here again for upcoming new photographs from the land, also link Congo Rocky by phone as he can give the Idrens a full sip on the Shasha runnings.

Starting Jan, 2006 the Dawtas Quarters, Shashamane subscribers pay US$10 per month into the project, and the collected amount, minus transaction fees, sent by Western Union located at Commercial Bank, Shashamane. The payment can be made by e-check, credit or debit card. Please click the button to go to Paypal, where financial data can be entered securely, and after completion you will be automatically returned to this site.

Click these to make one time donations
Nyahbinghi Tabernacle Center,
PO Box 526, Shashamane
Shoa Province,
Ethiopia, East Africa
Telephone: 251 461 103 286

Monthly Subscribers Report
Current Money Transfer Receipt

The email for this Paypal is building@nyahbinghi.com and free will offerings may be sent likewise, which will go into a general fund. The Council has budgeted 2500 ET Birr (300 USD) for the monthly expenses of the Nyahbinghi grounds. (read more) A spreadsheet generated by Paypal will be electronically posted here and sent in printed form to Shashamane, and all money transfer receipts likewise, whereby matching the numbers on the spreadsheet with the numbers on the receipts would enable transparent accounting to the council in Shashamane, as well as the subscribers.

Please be sure to sign up for InI mailing list for regular updates, and links to financial records posted online. The mailing list is located here. There is a council meeting at the Pitfour grounds in Jamaica as well and online updates are being made at this time. The email for the council in JA is nyahbinghiancientorder@yahoo.com

Read I Majesty Creed and Anthem

Mission and objectives

To bring together the diverse branches of our global Rastafari family in celebration of our ancient way of divine livity, to focus concern for the degradation of the global environment and human condition, to expose the injustice that continues to ravage the many victims of global white supremacy, imperialism and colonialism, and to reaffirm the Supreme Authority and Creativity of Rastafari as the source and destiny of humankind's striving for freedom, redemption and international repatriation, the return to the sacred and spiritual pathways of our Almighty Father, Rastafari, Emperor Haile Selassie I, the King of Creation.

· To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information through constructive reasoning, aimed at promoting the welfare and development of the Global Ras Tafari Family.
· To create an agenda for the promotion of understanding among and between Rastafari beyond the confines of doctrinal, ideological, philosophical, geographical and organizational barriers.
· To identify problems and solutions that will enable the Ras Tafari Family to become effective leaders capable of providing alternatives to the existing global political economy.
· To develop a creative Action Plan which can facilitate the development of unity of purpose within the Ras Tafari family.
· To establish a basis upon which the Global Ras Tafari Family can initiate a firm economic base for sustainable development.
· To emphasize the crucial contribution that Ras Tafari can make as we lead our Global family into the future in a spirit of humility, diligence and commitment.
· To build a stronger sense of collaboration among ourselves as Ras Tafari as we expand the basis for a Global network.
· To establish a Global Ras Tafari Secretariat that will manage the affairs of Ras Tafari Globally through the setting up of relevant institutions.
· To renew and reaffirm the Ras Tafari faith and identity.

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